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How to style your hair without going to a salon

Do you think a trip to the salon is necessary to style your hair? It's not you! With the right equipment and guidance, you can style your hair like a pro at home. You may make three different styles by following the instructions in this lesson using just a few simple tools. So get ready to step up your hair game!

Getting Into A Hair Care Routine

More than most people realize, proper hair care is essential. Self-love and self-esteem depend on it. Finding a hair care routine that works for you is one of the most crucial things you can do for your hair. The fundamentals of creating the ideal regimen to help you maintain healthy, happy hair are provided in this article.

Balayage Highlights: How to Get the Natural Look

A brand-new hairstyle craze called "balayage" highlights is taking over. These highlights are produced using a process that applies foil, rather than bleach or color. The word "balayage" means "to sweep" in French, and this is precisely what the balayage process involves. In the end, you'll have a fashionable, natural-looking style that flatters your face, goes well with your hair, and you may keep wearing for years to come.

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Passionate about hair, Thao became a licensed cosmetologist immediately after graduating from high school. Upon taking her cosmetology career to the next level, she took advanced training classes at the prestigious Antoine Du Chez in Cherry Creek North. In 2002, Thao became an entrepreneur. She specializes in L’Oreal and Redken color products, special occasion updos, Japanese straight perm, women haircuts, men fades and kids haircuts. Her extensive experience in the cosmetology industry has built relationships with some clients who have been with her for 20 years. Not only does she enjoy doing hair, what she enjoys the most is building a friendship with her clients over time.

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