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Beautiful Long-Lasting Color

Are you prepared for the dramatic color change? Maybe all you want to do is touch up your highlights or get your roots colored to match the rest of your hair. Our team of color experts is prepared to help you with whatever you require. To make sure your hair, specifically its color, is flawless


Single Process Hair Color

Professional women's single-process hair coloring done from roots to ends. incorporates blowout and fashion.

Double Process Hair Color

The hair can be lightened by two or more shades in a single session with the help of double process color, also known as a "bleach and tone," applied by our expert stylists. The hair is totally bleached by the colorist before being toned to the shade you want.

Color Correction

Corrective service for undesirable hair tone or color. This service is for significantly color-damaged hair that needs several visits to gradually restore its original color while safeguarding and mending the hair.

Color Touchup

Hair color re-touch to new growth roots only for any hair including grey as it grows out.

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