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The technique of free-handing or sweeping hair color, lightener, or toner downward in gentle strokes directly on the surface of the desired part is known as hair painting, also known as balayage. With a natural, softer appearance, dimension can be produced with this technique.

Baláyage is a French hair-highlighting process that involves hand-painting the color to produce a graded, natural-looking finish. Because every person's hair is different, this style allows your stylist to customize the placement of your colors. Anyone who desires to look sun-kissed would benefit greatly from this method.

The end effect is a look reminiscent of beach summers or the innocently lovely highlights on a youngster. This subtle highlighting technique may be applied to all hair colors to provide a delicate, sun-kissed dimension; it is not just for blondes.



The free-hand application of highlights into the hair to produce a gentle and natural progression of lightness towards the ends is known as "balayage." This warm, sun-kissed dimension is added to all hair colors using this natural-looking highlighting process, not just blondes.

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